What to buy when Isabel Marant for H&M hits stores tomorrow?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ugh. Whatever you can get your hands on...so long as you are willing to spend the cash $$$$$. The line is a bit more upscale in terms of pricing, so let us hope and pray that the typical H&M leather quality has increased.

I do want to take a second though to remind that Isabel is the fashion industry's french ballerina princess that makes me feel comfortable caring about clothes and fashion. She's casual, smart, has a brand that thrives, and I just want to listen to her talk all day long. That accent is magnificent. Take a look:

And lastly, don't forget about Isabel's Etoile line that offers amazingly chic, cozy pieces...that not EVERYONE who is anyone will be wearing come Friday.The price tag may be a bit higher than H&M, but sometimes these collaborations make our CPW (cost per wear) go up!

Isabel Etoile

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